How to Win Michigan Pick 4 Lottery

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The Real Secrets to winning Pick 4

The Pick 4 Cash Cow – a Pick 4 lottery system and strategy makes it fun and easy to win any pick 4, play 4 or Cash 4 lottery.

If you are a Pick 4 lottery player, you probably know the odds of winning Pick 4 are 10,000:1 against you. BUT, there is a PROVEN way to win pick 4 on many of the top games.

When was the last time you won Pick 4?
Do you think it is easy?
I KNOW it’s easy and I have the ONE and ONLY PROVEN Pick 4 lottery system that makes it EASY to win Pick 4 lottery games.

What would you say if I told you I can show you a PROVEN way to win Pick 4 TWICE A WEEK?
I bet you’d want to know about it and you’d buy it in an instant and I wouldn’t blame you.
Everyone wants to win Pick 4 and the PROVEN Pick 4 system and strategy makes it EASY to get (at least!) TWO Pick 4 wins a week.

Michigan Pick 4 Lottery -
In the last 30 days (period ending 12/12/13) The Pick 4 Cash Cow produce TWENTY TWO Pick 4 wins.
You read right, 22 Pick 4 wins in THIRTY DAYS.
Was it a fluke?

This amazing Pick 4 lottery system produces at LEAST TWO Pick 4 wins per WEEK on any “Fast Pick 4 Games”

A “Fast Game” is a Pick 4 lottery game with TWO draws per day. This is part of the secret to winning Pick 4 lotto. For best results you need a game that has TWO Pick 4 draws a day. Michigan does and so does Florida Play 4 and Georgia Cash 4 – many other state games offer two draws per day. One for day and one for evening Pick 4 lotto games. Once you meet that criteria, the rest is SO EASY that I can show you how to win pick 4 FAST and EASY!

How much would you pay for a PROVEN Pick 4 Strategy that ABSOLUTELY DELIVERS ALL IT PROMISES?
I imagine you’d be willing to pay $1,000 for the knowledge and skill to win YOUR home Pick 4 twice a week! This is the same Pick 4 System I use to play and WIN Pick 4 games. Hundreds of people are using it to WIN Pick 4 lottery games and some find themselves stuffing their pockets with cash!

A few other PROVEN Pick 4 wins -
Win Virginia Pick 4 – 19 Pick 4 wins in 30 days (ending 11/17/2013)
Win Florida Play 4 – 17 wins in 30 days (ending 11/2/2013)
Win New Jersey Pick 4 – 15 wins in 30 days (ending 11/24/13)

The results are REAL and remember, this is the ONLY PROVEN Pick 4 system that wins and makes playing fun!

The AMAZING Pick 4 lottery system CANNOT be defeated. It works today and it will continue to work tomorrow. It will take a few days to LEARN the secrets to winning pick 4. The manual is FULLY ILLUSTRATED and power-packed with REAL GAMES and shows you EXACTLY what to do and when to do it, so you stand the BEST CHANCE TO WIN. There are NO PLAY LISTS and it doesn’t take math or calculators to get the number to play. If you can read English, have a high school education, you can do it as hundreds of others have!

It’s so good. I won’t sell it. I will license it to you for 12 MONTHS for a ridiculously LOW PRICE…

A fast game with TWO Pick 4 draws PER DAY
A Windows PC or Windows Laptop (will NOT work on anything else!)
A desire to FOCUS and LEARN something that could change the way you live your life!
That’s it.

Now you decide what to do.
If you really want to know the TRUE secrets to win Pick 4 this is it!
The AMAZING BULLETPROOF Pick 4 Lottery System and Strategy costs… $49.95
Instant download to your WINDOWS COMPUTER

How to Win Pick 4 Lottery

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The EASY Way to Win Pick 4 Lotto Games

how to win pick 4 lottery games

How to Win Pick 4 lottery with the NEW (2012) Pick 4 Cash Cow – works only for the Pick 4, Cash 4, Daily 4 Numbers and Florida Play 4 – it does not work on any Pick 3 games. For a dual Pick 4 and Pick 3 lotto system I suggest The Pick 3 Warrior from This is a brand new pick 4 lottery system and strategy. The Pick 4 lotto strategy manual shows games from February 2012 and how the straight hit on Georgia Cash 4 was an easy win!

Click the picture to discover the best pick 4 lottery system for fast and consistent wins!

Win GA Cash 4 Lottery System

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You Can Win Pick 4 Lottery

The only proven, effective way to win the Pick 4 lottery game quickly and consistently. Proven to win Georgia Cash 4 lottery, Florida Play 4 lotto and ALL Pick 4 lottery games! The Pick 4 Cash Cow system will have you winning in no time. No previous knowledge or experience required to play or win. If you wager at your local lottery store you can win up to $5,000 Online wagers pay out $9,000. Game play costs $10 per game to win.

If you want to start making money you need a fully proven Pick 4 system that works and will crank out the cash for you and do so by minimizing expenses and maximizing profits. You can play for as little as $5 a game. But the potential is the $9,000 cash! What could you do with that amount of money? What if I can show you how this is possible maybe once a month or perhaps even more?

The Pick 4 Cash Cow won the Georgia Cash 4 in ONE day Saturday, September 1, 2012 (9713)

No previous Pick 4 game knowledge or experience required! You get a power-packed and fully illustrated Pick 4 lottery system manual that will take you from novice to winner in no time at all. If you can read this page then you are more than qualified to learn the system. The fully illustrated instructions ensure you can follow everything I will show you Step-By-Step! This is the same system used by professional Pick 4 lottery players!

If you want to win pick 4 lottery, get a system that can deliver up to 2 pick 4 wins per week!

How to Win Cash 3 and Pick 4

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I believe that my Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery systems will help you in your daily lotto game play. I provide extensive back testing using real games on games such as Florida Cash 3, Georgia Cash 3, Texas Pick 3, Illinois Pick 3 and many more! I also use REAL and current history files to show you the hits you would have received using my system(s). Be advised, there are no guarantees that you will win any prize since it depends on your ability to read and thoroughly understand the principles involved. My Pick 3, Cash 3 and Pick 4 lottery systems may help in unlocking ANY Cash 3 and Pick 4 lottery game.

For many years my secrets to winning the Cash 3 and Pick lottery games remained my secret. I told no one. Now my secrets to winning the Pick 3 and Play 4 lottery games are revealed and at a price anyone can afford. I want you to win and I believe the games are SIMPLE to win! All you need is the knowledge to “Unlock” the game. In my latest system I show you how to use 1 simple, effective key to unlock any Cash 3 and Daily 4 lottery games, in less than 60 seconds.

Sure, it’s not as complicated as my highly acclaimed “How to Win Cash 3″ lottery system which exposes the secrets to unlock the games utilizing many keys and strategies to win… but this one, this one is very special in that if you are looking for the simplest and most effective system that can and frequently does produce hit after hit, then this is definitely for you!

My latest release works to unlock the lottery game in less than one minute flat, guaranteed.
It is simple to use and highly effective in many states and since this system is my own copyrighted design, you can be assured of the following;

1. Fully tested and documented in the system manual.
2. Does NOT require pen and paper workouts for any Pick 3 or Pick 4 lottery games!
3. No computer or software required to win Cash 3 or Play 4!
4. Produces Cash 3, Daily 3 and Pick 3 lottery wins PLUS works on Pick 4 lottery games!
5. Simple! Works in ONE MINUTE to UNLOCK the Pick 3 and Pick 4!
6. Never goes cold and works in 95% of states throughout the U.S.A.
7. So simple, a kid can do it. No previous Pick 3 or Pick 4 knowledge necessary to win!

These are factual results! Last weekend February 26, 2010 through March 1, 2010 the simple system produced FOUR Cash 3 wins PLUS 1 Pick 4 win in just 3 days! In another state it produced 2 Pick 3 lottery wins in two days! The results speak for themselves and they are documented and explained within the system. Make no mistake this is a very powerful stand-alone system and it works time and time again.

You can read more about this brand new lottery system that works by clicking on the link below:

Dual Win Pick 3 and Pick 4 Lottery System

Pick 3 and Pick 4 Lottery System and Strategy

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Lottery Systems Summary:
Finally I reveal my hidden secrets to winning both the Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games. My original lottery system released late November 2009 and fully updated in 2011 This is the “Ultimate” Win Cash 3 lottery system. It shows you how to unlock any state lottery game in less than 3 minutes. The system manual is 60 pages thick and filled with power packed “keys” to unlock Pick 3, Daily 3 and Cash 3 lottery games. This comprehensive system uses MANY “keys” and will show you the way to win! works in 3 minutes to show you the winning numbers about to be drawn!

You can read more by visiting the official site;
Ultimate Cash 3 Lottery System

My Latest Release: The Pick 3 Warrior
Designed as a stand alone system to win Cash 3 AND sometimes the Pick 4 lottery games! Makes an ideal plugin for the above lottery system and is very powerful to predict winning numbers in 1 minute flat. The system manual is just eight pages and filled with step-by-step instructions and results showing how well it performs! I believe this to be one of the most powerful secrets to winning!

Here is the result using the NEW KEY on the Texas Pick 3 Lottery –
5 hits in four days from ONE key to unlock the game!
Works in 1 minute, no pen & paper workout!

Texas State Pick 3 Pick 4
Midday Evening Midday Evening
Wed, Mar 10, 2010 0-7-4 HIT 0-1-8 8-8-1-9 6-2-2-6
Tue, Mar 9, 2010 7-7-5 HIT 2-4-9 HIT 4-0-7-2 7-8-8-7
Mon, Mar 8, 2010 9-4-5 HIT 1-0-7 9-8-5-0 1-0-0-6
Sat, Mar 6, 2010 9-3-7 HIT 7-5-6 3-0-2-7 0-6-9-9

You can read more at the official Pick 3 Warrior website:
Unlock and Win Cash 3 Lottery Games in 60 Seconds!

Whatever you do, I wish you much success in your game play.
Please play responsibly, addiction is a terrible thing.

I stand behind my lottery systems with unconditional support to ensure you understand the system and how to implement it.

How to Win Pick 4 Lottery Games

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Win Pick 4 & Play 4 Lottery Games… the easy way to win! The most latest and most powerful Pick 4 lottery system is “The Pick 4 Cash Cow” lottery system available from

If you live and play Texas pick 3 or Pick 4 lottery games I recommend the “Texas (TX) Pick 3 and Pick Lottery System & Strategy

The Pick 4 and Play 4 lottery games need to be unlocked before you can win and it’s simple to do!

More details can be found at the following lottery system sites;

Win Florida Play 4 System
Cash 3 and Pick 3 Lottery Systems
Win Cash 3 Lottery Games
Win Georgia Cash 4 Lottery Games

Unlocking the Pick 4 and Play 4 lottery games in 3 minutes or less with the Pick 3 Warrior is an effective lottery system! Works extremely well on Georgia Cash 4 and Florida Play 4 daily lottery games!

The Pick 4 Cash Cow Lottery System (Windows PC Only) $49.95

win pick 4 lottery systemHow to win the Pick 4 lottery quickly and consistently! The system used by professional players to win the Pick 4 lotto fast and easy using as little as 3 numbers! Hits straight and boxed and does it time and time again between 12 and 20 times per month on many fast states with 2 P4 games per day. IF you learn the system and implement it exactly as shown.

Not recommended for use on the following states; Arizona, California, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Québec, Rhode Island, Texas, Washington State, West Virginia, Western Canada or Wisconsin. Requires: A personal computer running Microsoft WINDOWS (all versions), does not and will not work on MAC/IPad or mobile phone devices or Tablets of any kind. Works on a Windows PC only!

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